6 mobile app features your business can benefit from mobile app developers

6 mobile app features your business can benefit from mobile app developers

Does your small businesses often ponder how a mobile app can benefit your business and of course, your customers and what features a mobile app can have to increase your sales and how to engage with your customers so they keep on returning?

We have many mobile app developers in the market place which is growing at a rapid rate.

Some mobile app developers charge tens of thousands of dollars to develop your business a mobile app which prevents many small businesses from having one due to the high costs involved.

Your Phone App are mobile app developer that develop mobile apps from $1000 plus GST using a world class content management system which provides all the features a custom mobile app has.

Mobile apps are a fantastic tool for your business to easily engage with your customers and a great form of communication with them.

Mobile app developers, however need to understand your business such as your target market, products or services your business offers and understanding what your business is currently doing to market your business and is it working.

There is no point engaging with app developers if they don’t understand your business and ways they can develop you a mobile app.

Don’t be fooled by mobile app developers informing you that they can develop an app for your business for $30,000 plus.

Your business should do your research and speak with several app developers.

Your Phone App are one company who are Melbourne’s leading mobile app developers for small businesses to help you engage with your customers and increase your sales.  Industries they develop apps for include restaurants, cafes, hair salons and swim schools.

6 mobile app features your business can benefit from mobile app developers

Push Notifications

Push Notification image

Many business are familiar with push notifications, but not how they work and other features it has.

They arrive on a user’s mobile phone’s home screen and display your push  notification message.

There is no better way for a small business to engage with their customers.

They have an open rate of 94%. They are free to send also but users have the option of receiving or not receiving them.

Customers can also opt out at any time.

SMS’s on the other hand, a user cannot choose to opt-out which can be very frustrating when business send promotions via a SMS when you don’t want them.

This can turn you off a company who does this.

Push Notifications are a fantastic way for your business to easily engage with your customers and improve user retention.

For example, a restaurant may promote a 2 for 1 offer push notification for a Tuesday evening which often is a quieter night than a weekend.

These type of push notifications can increase user engagement and increased sales.

This also can help drive new customers to your business with push notifications.

 Subscription Push Notifications

Subscription push notifications is when your business can send a push notification to a interest groups or as the word suggests, subscription groups.

For example, a hair salon can send a push notification to just males or woman who are interested in hair colour.

This is a fantastic tool for targeting the right users and avoid bugging the wrong users.

A hair salon may offer a 20% discount on a Tuesday for men’s hair cuts and target only men.

This is a fantastic feature to target the right users with a high probability of getting a good response. They are also free to send.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty program
Loyalty rewards card in a mobile app

Your business can have a loyalty  program(s) in your mobile app which are in replace of a traditional loyalty stamp card.

How many times have your customers forgotten their loyalty card and searching far and wide for it? Not anymore!

All a user needs to do is open their app, and bingo, the loyalty card is there in your app and then Insert your secret code in the stamp.

Once the user reaches the required amount of stamps, they will unlock the deal and can redeem their reward.

In App Food Ordering

Mobile food ordering

There are many mobile app developers who offer  this feature but can cost an arm and a leg to develop.

Your Phone App can offer your business a quality and affordable food ordering in app solution for your customers to purchase from.

There is a pick up, take away and delivery functions. There is also a fantastic customisable menu with many add-ons and pricing options.

It is very easy to add in extra dishes, categories and edit prices for each dish.

 Mailing List

Mailing list function in your app is fantastic for collecting information about your customers such as name and email.

The information your customers fill out is stored in the content management system where your app is built. I can also be accessed at any time.

It can also be linked to third party email software programs such as Mail Chimp.

Mobile Reservations

Having a reservation function in your app is a fantastic feature so customers can make a booking reservation.

This is a great tool for restaurants, cafe’s, hair salons and day spas.

Customers can use a built-in booking system where they can reserve a table without needing to call your business.

Your business can include how many people can book an appointment. Once it reached that limit, a customer won’t be able to make a reservation for that particular time.

This is a great tool for managing your appointments which has a beautifully laid out calendar.

Businesses can have app features which can benefit them such as increase in sales and ease of engaging with customers.

App developers such as Your Phone App can develop your business a quality and affordable app with these fantastic features.

Contact them today on 1300 082 824 for a meeting.