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Mobile Apps have never been so popular and the trend keeps on rising about how many people around the world are downloading mobile phone Apps and being very reliant on them.

Many people prefer to peruse in their mobile phone App rather than watch TV.

There are new App Store statistics released on June 8, 2015 about how many App downloads have been made in the App Stores and specifically, the new location trends being found as in, App Development Melbourne.

As it stands, the App Store has over 100 billion Apps downloaded. That’s right! 100 billion Apps downloaded. (statistics provided by #Apple #WWDC 2015 Keynote, June 8, 2015). This trend suggests that the mobile phone App industry is getting stronger by the minute and has no plans of slowing down.

App Development Melbourne Staggering Stats:

This statistic just shows how reliant people in the world are on downloading mobile phone Apps onto their smart phones and using them regularly from banking, mobile shopping, online food ordering, receiving Push Notifications, making booking reservations or enquiries to our favourite restaurant or hair dresser to paying a bill.

This figure breaks down to 850 mobile phone Apps being download per second. That is over 2000 mobile phone Apps being downloaded by the time it takes to read this little sentence.

Small retailers such as restaurants and cafe’s to health and beauty businesses can now have a mobile phone App to not only promote their business to send Push Notifications or to receiveĀ online booking enquiries or reservations to loyalty reward programs, but also being able to get a mobile phone App developed for their business at very affordable prices. Your Phone App, a mobile App developer based in Melbourne Australia is one company who can develop mobile phone Apps for small to medium businesses at very affordable prices and build quality mobile phone Apps. One of their other strong points is excelling at customer service. Being a small business with lower over heads than many mobile app development companies means they pass on the lower costs to the business.

Now there is a place for smaller businesses to now have their very own mobile phone App just like the large retailers do. Mobile phone Apps are taking the world by storm with no sign of slowing down. Get one today and join the App world revolution. Your App will Appear in Apple iTunes, Google Play for Android and HTML5 platforms. Get your business seen today and compete with the big boys.

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Enquire now and see how Your Phone App can not only increase the visits from your existing customers, but also attract many new customers into your store by having a mobile phone App at a very affordable App development Melbourne price.