Blog pic 4Small businesses are coming up with mobile apps to ensure more revenues re generated through publicity, brand creation and easy accessibility. App developers Melbourne are earning huge profits as a result.

In order to generate more sales, a small business may adopt many strategies. The best ways for a small business to generate sales can be through:

  • Publicity through social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Send Push Notifications to your users informing them of specials, discounts and new product offerings
  • Loyalty Programs- Incentivise customers to keep them returning back to your business
  • Build your data base and know about your customers
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Traffic Generation through LinkedIn
  • Development of mobile apps

Smart phone usage has shown a manifold increase in the last decade. Here are some statistics related to the usage of mobile phones and apps:

  • Nearly three quarters of Australians check their phones at least once in an hour.
  • And about 90% of their total time is devoted to mobile phones which are used a lot for mobile apps.
  • An average person checks his or her phone more frequently than he opens his laptop and logs into a website.
  • 95% of people prefer to search for information through mobile and 59% invest money in the business.
  • 67% of people believe that it is more reliable to buy a product online.
  • 57% of users will not recommend a business if the mobile phone app fails to impress them.
  • Mobile apps allow their customers to be contacted anywhere and anytime. This gives the small businesses an edge over the big ones.

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The greatest method for a small business to generate sales is to develop a mobile app. A mobile app is a user-friendly interface that allows a person to access the relevant information and order or book a service or product very easily and quickly. One would suggest that app developers Melbourne are at the forefront of app development companies in Australia.

Also, if a user develops a mobile app and registers, there can be push notifications popping up where a customer can be informed about the new launches or new offers from time to time for a business.

One important business strategy is to deliver coupons to their users through mobile apps and allow users to attract more customers through the “refer and earn policy”. In this policy, both the referrer and the referee are given nominal amounts in this policy. This is a great method that budding businesses may apply to generate sales.

Mobile Apps also help in building brand image through excellent visuals and icons.

Thus, phone apps are a good way to involve more number of customers in a business. If you have a small business in Melbourne you can approach app developers Melbourne to create a mobile app for it. It ensures repeated visits, online transactions and e-commerce transactions.

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