How your business can increase its sales by having a mobile app

If your business is thinking about investing in a mobile app then you need to do your research on the benefits it can offer:

  • What mobile app functions does a business want in their app and how are they going to benefit their customers?
  • Are the mobile app functions user friendly for your customers?


There are many app developers who are willing to take your money to develop your business a mobile app, but app developers can fail to explain how the app functionalities can work and ways to maximise your mobile apps full potential.

Business are always looking at ways to maximise their sales and foot traffic.  A mobile app for your business will do just that if you maximise the many app functionalities the mobile app has to offer you and your customers.

If app developers fail to explain how the app functionalities work and recommend ways on how to promote it your customers, I strongly suggest looking for another app developer.

If a restaurant or a cafe is looking to invest in a mobile app, there are many app developers who can offer mobile food ordering for pick up, take away and delivery for their customers and have an inbuilt loyalty program.  But how user friendly is the mobile ordering function in the app?

Some questions a restaurant or a cafe need to ask app developers are:

  • How easy is it for their customers to navigate the menu and place orders and does the food ordering function accept credit card for customers to pay?
  • Is it quick and easy for a restaurant or a cafe to edit the food items in their app, and does it have the ability to easily edit prices or add in new menu categories?
  • Can the food ordering function display food images?  When I order food via a mobile app for a restaurant or cafe, I always look at the food images.

They are many app developers in the market place such as Your Phone App, one of Australia’s leading mobile App developers who offer more than mobile food ordering and loyalty programs such as push notifications, image galleries, mailing lists, parking reminders, mobile shopping cart, and the ability to link social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram.  A business must do their research on app developers in the market place as there are many to choose from.

A Business needs to know what app functionalities they can have in their mobile app, how they work and function and how this can benefit their customers. Will the app functions give them an incentive to keep on returning to their business?  Another important question a business needs to ask app developers is can they easily edit their app or add in extra app functions with ease?

Having a mobile app for any business and not utilising it is simply a waste of money! You need to get your customers to download your app and offer an incentive. Why have your app sitting in Apple iTunes or the Google store gathering dust with nobody downloading it?  Used to its full potential an app can open up so many new avenues of marketing to your business, such as sending push notifications to its customers of upcoming events or specials, informing customers on new products and services, providing new information that may interest them.  Research has also shown that having an app increases the likelihood of a customer returning back to their business.

Your Phone App are quality and affordable app developers in Melbourne who specialise in developing  mobile apps for businesses to drive more sales and foot traffic to businesses. They make it easy for a business to easily engage with customers. They offer many app functionalities mentioned above and pride themselves on excellent customer service and on going support to its customers. They have just invested in $5000 worth of training videos for their customers on how their customers can use their app functionalities and ways to promote their app. Not many app developers offer this level of customer support!

Call Your Phone App on 1300 082 824 who are Melbourne’s leading app developers and see how they can help your business increase its sales and drive many more customers to your door.