Being a mobile app developer, I get asked many times from small businesses owners, customers and potential clients, ‘Should my business get a mobile app or a web site first?’ Does my business need a web site or a mobile app is something that I hear almost every day and my answer to this is: It depends because a web developer and a mobile app developer are 2 different things.  It depends on what business industry you are in, what you want a mobile app and web site for and who your market is.

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There are many web developers and mobile app developers in the market place, therefore making the right decision must be made. Your business should have a clear objective of what you want each to do and how they will benefit your business and customers.

The difference between a web site and a mobile app:

Mobile App:

  • Reach out and engage with your customers very easily via push notifications. Notify your customers of any specials, trading hours, new menu etc on their smart phones. You can even send push notification to select interest groups and avoid bugging the ones who aren’t. You should see a higher uptake in sales if your notification is attractive enough for your customers to respond
  • Loyalty Programs- Have a loyalty function in your app and reward your customers for visiting your store and keep them coming back. Even track your customers use of their loyalty card
  • An app essentially showcases your business in your customers pockets and have access to your business 24/7
  • Great for branding- Appear in Apple iTunes and Google Play stores. Having your business associated with these brands is fantastic in itself
  • Easily show case your products in an app and update them in seconds
  • Access to easy online ordering such as food ordering and merchandise ordering with shopping carts
  • An app is cloud based and not web based
  • Mobile scheduling and reminders- If your business is in the services industry such as a restaurant, hair salon or the fitness industry, your customers can use your mobile app to easily make a reservation or sign up for a class
  • Mobile payment solutions- Your business can readily have mobile ordering in your mobile app and let your customers purchase via your app in seconds and having the ability to pay via credit card. This is a big time saver for your customers
  • Events scheduling- Your business can schedule an event in an app and showcase the event and alert your customers about it.. Customers can also choose to attend your event via your app
  • Customers can easily contact your business via your app and call you in seconds
  • Fan Wall. Let your customers leave reviews and chat with each other via the Fan Wall functionality

These are just a few features a mobile app can have

Web Site:

  • Web sites have been around for a long time and is a fantastic feature that informs your customers exactly what your business does and the services you offer
  • Easily create blogs in your web site and give fresh content to your customers that can interest them
  • Have a shopping cart and let your customers purchase via your web site
  • Have your web site in mobile format which makes it easy for your customers to read all about your business
  • Having an attractive web site can lead to better lead generation and knowing that you mean business. Of course, making sure it is also mobile friendly

An app is engaging where your business can easily engage with your customers in seconds informing them about specials, new products, change of trading hours and more. A web site can’t do this and is more for information for your customers to turn to and read about what your business does. Choose a web developer in the market place that is reliable, creative, knowledgeable and has fantastic reviews. Having a beautifully laid out web site is the key for customers staying on your web site for longer. A good web developer will know to do this and ask to see samples of their work before committing to anything.

In summary, if your business wants to engage with your customers, no doubt, a mobile app is highly recommended. If you just want to provide information to your customers, I suggest having both. It is important for all businesses to engage with its customers just as it is important to have a web site to inform your customers of what you do.

So there you have it. Get a reliable and experienced mobile app developer to develop your business a mobile app and a get a reliable and experienced web developer to develop your business a web site.

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