Has your business such as a restaurant, cafe or for that matter, any retail business considered having an online ordering system for your customers? If not, now is the time. Analytics forecasts that global total apps revenue will reach more than $60B in 2018. This suggests more and more consumers are ordering online rather than making an order over the phone. Why, convenience and ease.

More and more businesses are getting mobile app development for an online ordering system, especially restaurants which is increasingly becoming an important tool to help their customers navigate their everyday lives especially even when it comes to an easy task of ordering a pizza or pasta. Customers can order in minutes and is a massive convenience when we are all busy these days.

Having an online ordering system in a mobile app is a simple and effective way for your customers to make orders through a mobile app. Your customers can have delivery and takeout option and can pay for their order on a credit card. If your business decides to go down this path, make sure your mobile app menu is customised with many add-ons and has varying pricing options. Your Phone App can offer your business an online ordering system with no fees via a mobile phone app. They don’t charge a percentage of the mobile app order unlike many companies do. They can develop your business an app with many mobile app functions to help drive customers to your store.

Consumers want a quick and easy online ordering system which enables them to easily navigate within a mobile app and is easy for them to see the menu items on display including menu description, image, price and of course, the ability to have additional options for example mild spice, or hot, or having the ability to remove mushrooms for your pizza.

How about your restaurant having an online ordering system for your customers where they don’t have to move an inch to place an order and get their food delivered to their home within 3o minutes? Not only will it reduce the price of a phone call, but having an online ordering system for your business is essential as it is a vital tool for your business to give your customers an option. They also avoid queues, avoid wait times on the phone (which we all loath as a customer) and of courses drive time. Imagine your customers being very tired after a long day at work and can’t be bothered cooking. They can turn on your app and order within minutes. Customers love convenience. If your business has a well designed, easy to use online ordering system, you are are well on your way of not only increasing your sales but also avoiding your customers from leaving you and going to your competitors.

Having a mobile app for any business is an essential tool for the ease of engagement with its customers. Not only can a mobile app have an online ordering system but also has the ability to send push notifications to your customers informing your customers of specials, new items or any information they may be interested in, have in-built loyalty program, mailing lists and many more. Having a mobile app connects with your customers everywhere they are and can interact with your business with ease, 24/7. You will help drive customers to your store and keep them there. 70% of people contact a business after a search on their mobile device. Keep your business in your customers hands by offering them unique and convenient solution.

If your business wants to not only increase its sales, but adding another sales channel, there is not better way to do so by having a online ordering system in a mobile app. Your Phone App, one of Melbourne’s leading mobile app development companies can get your business online and mobile at an affordable price. Your Phone App specialise in mobile app development for small businesses in Melbourne to help drive new and existing customers to your store. Call them today on 1300 082 824 for a no obligation meeting. They can offer your business a easy and convenient online ordering system.