How a mobile app can help your business engage with your customers

How a mobile app developer can help your business engage with your customers

Being a mobile app developer has given me the most satisfaction in my working career thus far. This is due to the ability to help businesses easily engage with their customers and grow sales at affordable prices. I have had my own app development company in Melbourne since 2014 and have noticed the popularity and the importance for small businesses having a mobile app. Some of the app features a small business can have can range from targeted push notifications to online ordering to loyalty programs to mailing lists and more.


We all know how hard it can be for a small business to find time, effort and have the right marketing tool for a small business to help engage with their customers, but to also have an affordable, quick and easy marketing tool to engage with their customers and get more sales. A mobile app is one of the best marketing tools a small business can have to help achieve these goals but you need to engage with the right mobile app developer and help make it part of your business.

How many times has your business engaged with a company only to find that after you purchase something from them you have never heard from them again? Sure, there are many mobile app developers in the marketplace, but finding the right mobile app developer for you can be a daunting task in itself. Mobile app developers such as Your Phone App are one of Melbourne’s leading mobile app developers for small businesses who not only develop mobile apps but also teach small businesses on how to use it as a marketing tool.

Marketing tool and customer engagement are 2 vital words here which are important for a small business to succeed and grow. If your business doesn’t have a marketing tool to engage with your customers, sadly your small business can get left behind.

Customers need a reason to come back to your business and investing in a mobile app is one of the best marketing tools any small business can have due to the many functions a mobile app can have as mentioned above. Sending push notifications to your customers is vital in sending direct, straight to the point short messages to your customers smart phone and are free of charge.

Sending a push notification from your restaurant to your customers could be ‘25% off a second main meal tonight only between 5-6pm’ which can have an immediate impact on putting extra bums on seats. Another example can be for a cafe to send a direct message to their customers such as ‘Get your FREE muffin with any coffee purchased between 3-4PM today only’. Many cafes dispose of their muffins at the end of the day due to their short life cycle and there is no better way than enticing customers to your cafe  with these quick-hitting enticing messages to your customers.

Giving your customers an incentive to come back to your business is a vital key in making more sales. Also, loyalty programs for cafe’s and restaurants are important to entice customers to come back to your business. Mobile apps can have various types of loyalty programs.

When investing in a mobile app developer for your small business, make sure you engage with a mobile app developer who can help you grow your business and help make your app a successful marketing tool.

A mobile app developer should also help your business in your marketing strategies and demonstrate to you how you can use your app to easily engage with your customers. Not just develop your business a mobile app and walk away. A mobile app developer in Melbourne called Your Phone App can help your small business use an app as a marketing tool. To find out more, call Your Phone App today on 1300 082 824, Melbourne’s leading mobile app developer for small businesses. They develop quality mobile apps which are affordable for small businesses.

They develop apps for restaurants, cafes, swim schools, personal trainers, schools, gyms, hair salons, day spas, service industries and more! Finally there is a mobile app developer such as Your Phone App who will help your small business achieve your marketing goals.