How a mobile app increase sales for my business

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How can a mobile app increase sales for my business?

Being a mobile app developer for businesses in Melbourne, I get asked many times, ‘How can a mobile app increase sales for my business and also ‘how can a mobile app benefit my customers?’

There are many app developers in Melbourne such as Your Phone App, and for that matter, Australia who can develop your business a mobile app, but at the end of the day a mobile app needs to benefit your customers and your business.  Having a mobile app is a fantastic way to easily engage with your customers, increase sales, get new customers and increase return visits to your business from your existing customers.

How does a mobile app do this?

A mobile app for your business can have many mobile app functions to encourage them to shop with you and keep on coming back. Such functions can include:

  • Push Notifications- Send instant or delayed messages to your customers smart phones such as informing them about discounts, new products, events or giveaways
  • Loyalty Reward programs- Give a reason for your customers to keep on returning to your store and reward them for their loyalty. An example can be, on their fifth order, get a free main meal up to the value of $20
  • Mailing list- A fantastic way for users to join your mailing list and to have this function automatically prompt your users to fill in the mailing list fields once they download your app. Their details can be stored in a CSV file or linked to your Mail Chimp account. Get to know who your customers are.
  • Events- Advertise your events in your app and users can accept the event via the event function which can link to your Facebook and Twitter pages informing you of who is attending your event
  • Integrate your social media pages in your app such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • If you are a restaurant, integrate mobile food ordering in your app and give your customers the convenience of ordering food anywhere they are 247 and at their convenience. Consumers tend to order more when they order online as opposed to entering your business. This is fantastic way to increase sales and give your customers another sales channel to order from you
  • Mobile shopping cart- If your business sells goods and services such as a clothing store or a product retailer, have a mobile shopping cart in your own app for your customers to order from you. Another fantastic way to increase sales.


As you can see, a mobile app for any business can easily engage with your customers to easily engage with them and informing them about your business and anything you think may interest them. This will help increase sales. It is very important to interact with your customers and let them know you care about them. Remember, you are in business to make money and making sure your customers keep on returning to your business. You need to give them a reason for them to do so. It is all too easy for your customers to go to your competitor. Without doing this, any business can find it very hard to increase sales.

Call Your Phone App today on 1300 082 824 and they can develop your business a quality and affordable mobile app to increase sales and easily engage with your customers.