How a restaurant can increase sales with a food ordering App

How a restaurant can increase sales with a food ordering App

Does your restaurant or Cafe want to increase sales? This is made possible by having its own food ordering App and accepting online food orders to your customers.

By having a mobile ordering App you should see an increase in your bottom line and an increase the average sales orders by more than 20%. Customers tend to spend more when making online food orders due to convenience and ease.

Your Phone App can make this all possible as customers can easily order online via an App thanks to smartphones and the ease of doing so.

Accept online food orders in your own affordable food ordering App customised just for you

Having an App allows customers to order food within minutes; and with no commission fees.

How is this possible?
Your Phone App, one of Australia’s leading meal delivery App developers can develop your restaurant its very own food ordering app with no commission fees.

All that’s required is giving Your Phone App your online food menu and they will design your restaurant its very own mobile food ordering App that will appear in the Apple iTunes Store and the Google Play Store.

Once a customer places their food order in your App you will receive a confirmation email and a receipt print out of the order from your customer. It’s that easy!

The food app will also give you the ability to offer specials and have your own in-build food ordering loyalty programs for your customers.

You can also choose when your restaurant can accept food orders in your App.

It will allow your restaurant to accept food orders at your customers finger tips and allow them to make an order within minutes in the comfort of their own home.

If your restaurant menu changes, you can easily add or edit menu items within minutes. If a particular food items isn’t available at a particular time, you can easily select ‘unavailable’ so it doesn’t appear in the online food menu in your app.

No technical knowledge or experience is required. The online menu will reflect the changes in the Apple iTunes Store and the Google Play store.

You can also also see how many orders each customers has made and even send them personalised free push notification, otherwise known as messages straight to their mobile device.

You can easily promote specials and offers to your customers in seconds directly from your App.

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