How A Small Business Can Stand Out in Their Industry

How a Small Business Can Stand Out in their industry? Do they also wonder about having the ease of communicating with their customers by having a mobile app?

Many business prospects often ask me at Your Phone App, “How A Small Business Can Stand Out in their industry from their competitors?” “I already have a website and I don’t need a mobile app because it does the same thing.”  “I think that a mobile app is expensive and is not suitable for my business.”

I have spoken about some of these points in some of my previous blogs, but as I am getting many of these questions more and more frequently, I want to share my up-to-date answers to them. This way, you will have more of an understanding on ways to not only educate businesses on having a mobile app developed for their business but the ways it can benefit them by having one.

One thing I learned quickly is a mobile app company needs to educate their customers what a mobile app is, how it works and what it can do for small business. This is one way how a Small Business Can Stand Out in their industry.

A mobile app differs from a website because a mobile app can send Push Notifications FREE of charge to your customers smart phones in Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.

Push Notifications can include specials such as a discounted offer on products or services, to promoting a new menu, or services for a business. They are a great way of engaging with your customers. In a website, a business cannot send Push Notifications to their customers as a website is static. Websites a great for information, but a phone app does this, too, as they can also list all the services or products a business provides.

A mobile app is essentially your business in someone’s pocket. They are mobile friendly and the features they have are easy to read and navigate.

There are millions of smart phones being activated around the world every day.

As you can see from the graph, mobile marketing is very important for any business.

A mobile app for any business can have unlimited features from loyalty programs, push notifications, listing all the services and products they provide, shopping carts, food ordering, booking reservations, booking enquiries, link to all their social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, upcoming events and so much more right in your customer’s pocket.

Your Phone App develops mobile phone apps for small to medium business at a fraction of the price many mobile app developers charge.

Some industries we specialise in include restaurants and cafes; the health and beauty sector, such as hair dressers and yoga studios to laser hair removal; education, such as schools and tutors; lawyers; accountants; mortgage brokers; sporting organisations and clubs; party supplies, bars and clubs, real estate agencies; golf courses and many more.

Having an app for your business is How A Small Business Can Stand Out in their. Call Your Phone App today on 1300 082 824 and talk to them about how to grow your business and make more money via a mobile App. How a Small Business Can Stand Out in their industry is what Your Phone App can do for your business.