How an app can increase online reviews for a business

Being a mobile app developer, I often get asked, ‘How can an app increase online reviews and gain new customers for my business? Having a mobile app won’t do anything if a business doesn’t use it and get the word out to their customers they have one and make it one if their main methods of communication with their customers.

A mobile app can do many things for a business if you make it part of your business and use the functionalities it has such as Push Notifications, Loyalty programs, events and the like. An app for your business can increase online reviews and gain new customers by push notifications and referral forms. Push Notifications is a powerful tool that engages with your customers sending them notification to their smart phone.

Sending the right message is the key here. If your business wants to increase online reviews, one method is to send a push notification to your users asking them to leave a review about your business and their experiences. Each review a user posts is a form of advertising for your business. Your business is exposed to readers and increasing your businesses awareness about what you do, thus giving your business mass exposure.

Online reviews can also increase your Google rankings too. How do online reviews increase a business Google ranking? Google takes into account how many times your name is mentioned in reviews and the more your business is mentioned, your business is more than likely to appear higher in Google search results for your type of business compared to your competitors businesses whose business isn’t reviewed much at all.

Online reviews carry an important weight on what people say about your business on online reviews. For example, if you’re a swim school and you are looking for a swim school in your area, one of the first things a potential customer may do is Google swim schools in their area and then check out online reviews of the business.

Your Phone App, one of the Australia’s leading app developers for small businesses make it very easy for a business asking their customers to leave an online review. Another method how an app can increase online reviews for a business is via push notifications where the business can send their users a push notification which will automatically open up to a web site such as your Facebook page to leave a review, so make sure your Facebook reviews function is turned on.

Another method your customers can leave online reviews are on your Google Plus page, so make sure you have one set up for your business as Google is king for online presence. Google reviews are directly linked to the search engine.

How an app can increase online reviews for a business is very possible by calling Your Phone App today on 1300 082 824 or email and see how they can help your business.