How much does a mobile cost for a business?

How much does a mobile App cost for a business? Being a App Developer, I get asked this question a lot, however there are many variables to consider when asking how much does a mobile cost for a business to get developed.

The cost of a mobile App for a business can cost as little as $1000 to over $100,000. If your business is a small business such as a swim school, restaurant and cafe or a retail shop, you can have your mobile App developed from as low as $1000. The cost of a mobile App for a business varies because you can get a mobile App developed in a content management system with Your Phone App or have a App developed from the ground up where everything is customised for you being a native App. 

App developers in Melbourne such as Your Phone App  develop Apps from as low as $1000 as they use a world class content management system where they customise the App inside the system. The content management system is pre-coded, meaning Your Phone App  customise your App within the App building platform which makes your App a lot more affordable than getting it developed from the ground up which can cost tens of thousands of dollars because the App is developed in a platform. The App will still be world-class and perform as a App should, it just won’t be customised from the ground up.

Some of the App features you can have in a mobile App include:

Push Notifications- Sending messages directly to your customers mobile phone and they get an alert
Loyalty Programs
Mobile Shopping Cart
Enquiry Form
Referral Programs
Business information
Mobile Food Ordering
MP3 and MP4 files
Absentee Forms and much more…

The advantages of a business having a mobile App enables the business to easily engage with their customers via push notification, get more repeat business with the aide of loyalty programs, keep your customers alerted on important events and information they need to know about. It is also important for informing customers of your trading hours such as store closure times over Christmas and new year. Your App can also have a booking function where customers can book and even pay for business events.

So, again, How much does a mobile cost for a business?  From a low as $1000 to more than $100,000. Having an App build in a content management system such as with Your Phone App make it possible to get a mobile App developed for a business at affordable prices. Your Phone App make it possible also for a business to easily edit their App in seconds with no coding or graphic experience required. They are provided with a user name and password where a business can log in and edit their App, send push notifications, add more App functions and more, as well as check how many downloads their App has.

The App will be available in the Apple iTunes store and the Google Play store.

If your business is a swim school, restaurant, cafe or a retails store that are looking for a cheap App developer, look no further than Your Phone App. They can be contacted on 1300 082 824. You can also email them at [email protected]

Check out a video on why your business should have a mobile App. 

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