How to build an app in 10 easy steps

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How to build an app in 10 easy steps.

Has a business ever wondered how to get started on how to build an app?  How to build an app can be built in 10 easy steps but does your business know how to start or even where to look? This article will point small businesses in the right direction on how to get started on how to build an app in 10 easy steps.

A business has to decide which mobile app platform they wish their app to appear in such as in the Apple iTunes store or the Google Play store, or both.

Many of us have great app ideas but don’t know where to start or make the idea come to life. Many people may think they want to build an app from an idea they have in mind but don’t know where to begin. Lets start.

  1. How to build an app – Define your business goal of having a mobile app

You need to firstly get yourself a pen and paper and begin by what is it you want your app to do and what your users will get out of your app. How will your app benefit your users? How is it going to appeal to users who have downloaded your app and why would they download your app from Apple iTunes or Google Play stores.

  • Will your app simplify something for your users?
  • Will your app help solve a problem for your users?
  • How will your app appeal to your users and the benfit your users will gain from your app?

2. How to build an app – Design your idea on a piece of paper

This is where you start designing your idea on a piece of paper on how you want your app to look like. You must further decide if you want your app to be free to download or at a cost. If you want to charge for users to download your app, you will also need to have an app price in mind. Do you want your app to sell advertising space on it too?

3. How to build an app – Start researching your idea

You need to start doing a lot of research about your idea to help make it come to fruition. This is one of the most important steps in making your idea come to life. Research your idea on what your competition are doing. Has your idea got an app of your idea already or is your idea unique? Is your idea for an app similar to an app in the market place already, and if so, how will your app idea be better than the one already in the app store? How will your idea of an app be of greater benefit to a user? If you find that there is an app similar to your idea already, research the app and read customer reviews, study the design of the app and its functionality. What benefit does your idea have that will be better than the one already in the app store? Will your idea have a better functionality and a better design? If so, how will you do it and make it come to life? This is where you must decide if you should proceed further with your idea after seeing your competitors apps and how yours can be better.

You will also need to research the legalities of building your app and if you are infringing on a competitors app. Is there a copy right on your competitors app or any restriction it may place if you wish to proceed building your app?

You also need to research on how you will market your app and advertise it in the market place. Work out your budget.  You need to further work out who will you market your app to, age group, male or female or both, industry, interest groups, national or international. You will need to know your target audience.

4. How to build an app – Start designing the functionality of your app

This section is the fun part on how you want your app to function. This is where you want your idea to come to life. How do you want to build your app- using code or using an app building program?

5. How to build an app – Start building your app and get ideas

Start talking to your friends, family and people you know to get their thoughts on your app idea. Get their opinions on your idea and show them your design and how you want your app to look and function. Once you get their opinions and their ideas, you can start making changes to your design and functionlity. If you decide you need to make changes to your design and functionality, show them and once you have a clear concrete mind set that is the final change, you can start building your app.

This step is where you need to finalise your design of your app and what it will look like and its functionality.

You will need to decide if you are using code or using an app builder to develop your app. If you are using an app builder, you will need to research which app builder you will use.  If you decide your app needs to be built using code, you will need to employ a company to build the code for your app. You will need to research which companies can build your app and the cost of them to develop your idea if you wish to go down this path. Research their reviews and even talk to their customers they have built apps for. Are they easy to work with? Are they over priced or reasonably priced? What is their customer service like and their after service like? Do they charge to make minor changes to your app once it’s live and in the app stores? Can you make changes to your app yourself?

6. How to build an app – Start building your app

This is where you have decided where your app will be developed using code or using an app builder. This  is where you can start putting your app idea into life and start getting your app built. Once you have chosen your developer and if using code to develop your app, you will need to make sure your developer you have engaged sets up servers, API’s and databases for your app. If you have decided on using a app builder, this is already done for you in the app building program.

7. How to build an app – Design the look of your app

This step is how you want your app to look. I strongly suggest to engage with a graphic designer to design your app’s user interface. Your user interface will decide if your app is attractive to your potential users and how it will look in their eyes. Engage with the graphic designer to design your home screen of your app, icon, and the whole user interface. You need to think about how you want your users to think of your app and not yourself as they are the ones you will be potentially be using your app based on its appeal, functionality and benefits to them.

8. How to build an app – Test your app

This is where you test your app several times and smooth over any problems that can occur. How does it look on the eye? Get your family, friends and colleagues to view your app and get their ideas and make any changes where necessary. How does it function? Does it help solve a problem?

9. How to build an app – Release your app to the app store

Once you have tested your app and have smoothed over any bugs or glitches, design or functionality of it, you can now finally release your app to the app store you have decided to use such as Apple iTunes and Google Play stores. Your app is now ready to be uploaded to the app stores and users can now start downloading your app once Apple iTunes and Google Play have released it to their stores for their users to download your app. Very exciting! Congratulations.

10. How to build an app – Marketing your app

When your app is in the app store, how are you going to get people to download your app? This is where you have worked out your budget. Does your budget allow for TV advertising, radio, billboards, Google Adwords, SEO, flyers, email campaign etc.

I hope this article gives your business an idea on how to build an app in 10 easy steps.