How a business can build a mobile app in 3 easy steps

Building a mobile app is a must for your business to ensure a greater customer base and greater revenues. App Development is not an easy task. Instead of contacting a professional, you can build your own app. There are companies in the market place such as Your Phone App, one of Melbourne’s leading mobile app developers who develop affordable apps for business who can take away the headache from you. They customise affordable mobile apps for businesses to increase a business sales, easily engage with customers and help streamline businesses to help achieve their business goals.

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App Development can be a three step process.

Step 1:- Gather all the contents which you feel relevant for the app. You can include the product descriptions, customer feedbacks and reviews, upcoming products, services or events and whatever else seems to be relevant for you.

Step 2:- Log in to any app maker. Choose the background, images and styles. Then simply drop your contents in the appropriate places.

Step 3:- Publish your app in an Apple App Store in case for iPhone downloads and Google Play Store for Android usage.

While building your first app, don’t include the features which are not necessary but “good to have”. You can add those features later on.

For successful app development,

  • First of all, define your goals- What is it that your want your app to do? Does your business want a mobile app to increase your sales or the ease of engagement with your customers, in app ordering such as a mobile shopping cart or a food ordering feature, date base management or just information?
  • Draw a rough sketch of how your app should look.
  • A market research of your competitors should be done.
  • Build a prototype of the app by using online tools like Moqups and Hotgloo.
  • Draw a diagram of your APIs and servers and modify the wireframes.
  • Test your prototype by asking for reviews from your friends.

Blog pic second blogDon’t forget to include the following features in your mobile app:

  • Shopping Cart: A shopping cart must be there in a smartphone app for a business like apparel store or hair products store. It allows users to view products and then add them to the cart so that they can be bought later. Majority of the shoppers prefer to shop in this method.
  • Membership: Allow the users to become members or create an account through registration process. Each user should have his or her unique id and password using which they can log in anytime and every time.
  • Loyalty Function: The traditional concept of loyalty cards find the modern way through apps. For example, if a customer buys five items of same price, the sixth one comes for free. This great concept of loyalty should be implemented through the app.
  • Food and drinks ordering system: For a restaurant, there must be an ordering system for food and drinks. A free delivery is what people look for.
  • Mailing List: This will allow your customers to enjoy offers and discounts.

App development has never been so easy. Call Your Phone App today, Melbourne’s leading app development company on 1300 082 824 and they can show you how.