How to build your restaurant an online food delivery App

Are you a restaurant in need of an online food delivery App but doesn’t know where to start or thinking it may be too expensive?

Sure, there are many restaurant online food delivery apps in the market place, but more often that not, they charge high commission fees such as Uber, Menu Log and Door Dash of up to 35%.

This can make it very hard for any business to survive, especially due to COVID-19 where many restaurants and Cafes are struggling to survive.

One such App development company in the market is Your Phone App who are a leading online food delivery app company who develop restaurant Apps with food ordering paying no commission fees. That’s right, 0 commission fees.

Your customers can order on the go and pay no commission fees.

Get your restaurant its own online food delivery App

Before you get an App, do your research and speak with other restaurant to find out how they are accepting orders and how well they are performing.

One thing is for certain, getting a mobile App for your restaurant is only going to improve your mobile presence and give your customers another option of ordering from you in a convenient way.

Your restaurant in todays day and age need to be online and mobile. Close on 100% of consumers have a smart phone and more of them are using their smart phone to order online.

Call Your Phone App today, one of Melbourne’s leading mobile App develpers who can develop your restaurant its own online delivery app today at a fraction of the price of many other App development companies.

Not only can your app have online food delivery, you can also send push notifications to your customers such as promoting offers and specials. Great for putting bums on seats on a quiter night.

Your App can also have coupons and loyalty programs and more.

Call Your Phone App today on 1300 082 824 and they can develop your restaurant its very own online food delivery app today at cheap price.

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