How to make a Mobile App For Your Business

How to make a mobile app for your business requires expertise, knowledge and patience. Is it a mobile app for a business or as a hobby? 

It is important to remember that your business should have business plan on what goals your business wants to achieve from having a mobile app.

If you own a restaurant business, do you want mobile food ordering in your app or,

Do you want to have an in-app reservation function where your customers can reserve a table?

Do you want your customers to receive up dated information to their smart phones, otherwise known as push notifications?

There are many considerations to take on board before investing in a mobile app which is just the first of a few steps to consider.

You should invest in a mobile app which allows you to easily edit your app and no coding or technical skills are required.

If you do need coding skills, it is more than likely there will be a lot of maintenance costs to have your mobile app changed which can lead into the thousands of dollars.

Steps involved on how to make a Mobile App For Your Business
  • The second step is how much is your business willing to invest in a mobile app. Your business should gather a couple of quotes and see what’s involved in getting a mobile app developed.
  • The third step is which mobile app platform your business going to use such as Your Phone App.
  • The fourth step is how you want your app to look and feel.

Do you want to have app functions on the bottom of the home screen with a more button or have a menu list?

Your app should have a layout which is easy to navigate and all the functions in your app are accessible and easy to read.

The app functions should offer a benefit for your customers such as the having the latest menus, the ability to receive push notification in the message centre and a shopping cart in which your customers can readily purchase from you.

  • The fifth step should be testing your mobile app, ensuring that the app functions in your app are the way you intend it to be, including the design.
  • The sixth step is then publishing your app on the Apple iTunes store and the Google Play store.
  • The seventh step should then be, prior to promoting your app of course to your customers, is tweaking a few things in your app such as:

    – App content
    – Making sure push notifications are being tested and received.

    If you have a mobile shopping cart, you should test your mobile shopping cart to ensure the orders are being received.

How to build your business a mobile app

It is wise to use a professional app development company such as Your Phone App .

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