How your business can have a mobile shopping cart paying no commission fees

How your business can have a mobile shopping cart paying no commission fees.

Is your business looking at ways to make more sales and staying up to date with the latest technology trends of 2020?

Do you want to offer your customers a convenient way to order from you?

Gone are the days of a business expecting customers just to walk into your restaurant or retail store or ring up and place an order.

If you are, you will fall behind and not meet consumer expectations.

Consumers are looking at their smart phones every 15 minutes. Further to this, 80% of smartphone users use their mobile phone to place a food order online at least twice per week.

Today, more and more consumers are ordering via a mobile phone App than in store for food orders.

There are a couple of reasons for these mobile trends. The first reason is the convenience of consumers ordering from the comfort of their own home .

The second reason is consumers are busy and many would like the ease of ordering without having to pick up a phone to place an order.

Get your business a mobile shopping cart paying no commission fees

Small businesses such as restaurants need to consider offering online ordering not just through their website, but through an App.

Maybe one of the reasons a restaurant doesn’t offer mobile App food ordering could be the cost of having mobile ordering platform coupled with the cost of having a mobile App developed

There are many food ordering platforms in the market place which charge high commission fees such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo of up to 35%.

This can make a restaurant owner think twice about offering a online food ordering system as well as having an App developed just for their business.

Having a mobile shopping cart doesn’t have to be expensive. There are App development companies in Melbourne such as Your Phone App who develop affordable mobile Apps for restaurants and the retail sector paying no commission fees on orders placed.

That’s right, Your Phone App can offer your business a mobile shopping cart paying no commissions fees on orders placed from having your own customised mobile App.

One of the ways your business can receive mobile App orders is via a thermal printer and/or an email with the order details.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for your business having a mobile shopping cart with high commission fees coupled with the cost of having your own mobile App.

Your Phone App, one of Melbourne’s leading mobile App developers can develop your business a mobile shopping cart paying no commission fees. You can also have other App features in your mobile too which are featured below.

Some App features can include, but not limited to include:

Loyalty Rewards Programs– your mobile app can have its own customised loyalty Rewards program where results are measurable.

You can have a punch stamp card or a QR rewards card or points based loyalty reward program.

Your App can also have its own in-build food loyalty program with the ability to offer discounts with each order.

This will entice customers to order more frequently and also spend more with your business.

Your business can send push notifications to customers which is a FREE in-built messaging system where you can send messages directly to their smart phone.

You can send push notifications to all of your customers who have your App downloaded on their mobile phone or to a group of customers to individuals.

Push notifications have a 97% open rate which is one of the best communication platforms in the market place today.

Your customers would receive a message at the top of their smart phone with your business logo ensuring your customers will see your message.

Some push notification examples are:
1. This Tuesday night, order one large pizza via our mobile App and receive a second pizza at 50% off RRP.

2. Order 2 main meals via our App and receive a free bottle of house wine.

3. Dine in with us tonight and with every main meal purchased, you will receive a complimentary glass of house wine or soft drink.

You can see how powerful push notifications can be to your business.

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