How your business can increase sales in January

Your business has just opened its doors again for the start of the new year and one of the first things that may spring to your mind is, how can I increase sales in January just after Christmas and new year? Sure, there are school holidays and some people are still away on holidays but that doesn’t mean your business is. You are open for trading again and you still need to bring in those customers. One of the simplest solutions to increase sales in January is by talking to a mobile app development company such as Your Phone App who are Australia’s leading app developer for businesses. They are an expert in helping businesses such as yours increase sales and bring in more customers.

When talking to a mobile app development company you need to ensure they are a reputable company and do your research on them. Check the mobile app development company reviews and see if they have many positive reviews. There are still many shoppers in January looking for bargains and one of the best ways to interact with them is via a mobile app. Interacting with your customers is so important to drive them back to your business and giving them an incentive in doing so such as; Between January 1 to 7, you could have a 20% off everything storewide sale. If you are a restaurant and looking to put more bums on seats, you could offer them a meal deal between 5 and 6PM a 50% off second main meal.

How a mobile app can engage with your customers and increase sales

Push notifications are an important key in engaging with your customers’ because you can easily send them messages directly on to their mobile phone who have your app downloaded. Push Notifications are such an important marketing tool for any business as it is also free to send your customers’ messages on their phone which have a 97% open rate. Make sure a mobile app development company you engage with will make this feature available to you. Also make sure the mobile app development company will also train you on this feature and be readily available to help you create the message you want to send to your customers.

Loyalty reward programs are another fantastic mobile app feature as loyalty reward programs entice your customers back to your store. An example can be your restaurant giving you a free main meal on your 5th visit or your cafe having a coffee card and buy 9 coffees, get the 10th free.

A mobile app development company such as Your Phone App offer 3 different types of loyalty reward programs such as loyalty stamp cards, QR loyalty reward programs and a points loyalty reward program. You can even track your customers who are using your loyalty program and when they last used it.

As you can see above, these are 2 imperative marketing tools your business can interact with your customers by having a mobile app. Your mobile app can have many more app features such as enquiry forms, online reservations, online ordering, mobile shopping, referral forms and videos.

Your Phone App can develop your business an affordable mobile app for a fraction of the cost many mobile app development companies charge. Call them today on 1300 082 824 for a free no obligation meeting. They are a leading mobile app development company in Melbourne who will not only develop your business a mobile app, but will also guide your business on how to use it and help you promote your app.

How your business can increase sales in January and generate new customers