How your small business can easily engage with your customers and make them visit you more often

Is your small business struggling to engage with your customers and want proven marketing tools which can help achieve your businesses long term goals? Look no further than Melbourne’s most affordable app developer for your businesses called Your Phone App.

Has your business ever wondered about getting a cheap mobile app as a marketing tool but don’t know where to look? Sure there are cheap mobile app developers but always make sure they are quality also and do your research. If you decide to engage with cheap mobile app developers, we recommend to check their app reviews and look at some of their apps they have developed for their customers.

There are cheap mobile app developers in the market place today but never confuse the word cheap for an app that won’t function what you want it to do. If your business engages in cheap mobile app developers, make sure that they develop your app that will help your business engage with your customers and make them return back more often to your business. A mobile app for any business is a fantastic marketing tool but you need to get your users to download your app. Without any of your users downloading your app there is no point in hiring an app developer as your app will just sit stagnant in the app store.

Your business can engage in cheap mobile app developers but do your research and see what mobile app functions your mobile app can have that will help your business engage with your customers and has a reason for your customers to download it.

Does your app have a mobile app loyalty program do give your customers a reason to come back more often and does your app give you the ability to send your customers push notifications? These 2 app features alone are a fantastic marketing tool to give your customers a reason to keep on coming back to you and help prevent them going to your competitor.image

There are affordable mobile app developers for small businesses such as Your Phone App who are not only Melbourne’s leading app developer for small businesses, but will develop your small business an app which will help grow your business with the ability to easily engage with your customers at a fraction of the cost of most mobile app companies in the market place today. Do not confuse them as cheap mobile app developers but as a company who will develop your business a world class marketing tools and work with you on ways to market it.

Your Phone App speak to many small businesses every day and one of the main concerns they find or pain points with business owners is the lack of communications they have with their customers. Many business owners wait for their customers to return back which rarely happens unless you give incentives for them to return or they have a need.

Your Phone App develop many mobile apps for cafe’s and restaurants and many of them can have quiet nights earlier in the week or in the colder months of the year. They have a fantastic mobile app function
which can help solve this problem. They use a world class push notifications system which is an easy way for small businesses to easily engage with their customers and you can target where your messages go to. Push Notifications boost app engagement by 88%. This figure is staggering to the importance of your customer engagement so your business needs to make sure your messages to your users are engaging and will make them want to open it and take action.

For example, If your restaurant is having a quiet dinner period,  youcould send a strong, powerful push notification to your users such as ‘between 5-6, BUY ONE MAIN MEAL AND GET THE SECOND MAIN MEAL OR EQUIVELANT VALUE OR LESS FOR 50% OFF’ or ‘FREE DRINK on ARRIVAL if your order a main meal between 5pm- 6pm tonight only!’

These are quick-hitting messages that can potentially put bums on seats in your

I hope I have been able to demonstrate the power of a mobile app for your small business where you don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to have one.. There are cheap mobile app developers out there today but make sure you do your research and choose the right one such as Your Phone App. They can be contacted on 1300 082 824 or

Your Phone App have helped many small businesses grow their sales and easily engage with their customers for a fraction of the cost of many mobile app developers.