iOS or Android? Your Guide to Choosing a Business App Developer

How should a business choose its business app developer?

When deciding between an iOS developer and an Android developer for a mobile app, a business needs to consider several things:

  • Which market do they want to target?
  • Is the cost of the app development a limitation?
  • What capabilities do they need?
  • What user experience does the business want their iOS app or Android app to have?
  • What is the distribution of each platform?

At present, iOS and Android collectively make up 93 percent of the smart phone market in Australia.

According to reports from Kantar Worldpanel, Android wins in terms of market share, with Google dominating at 55 percent. Meanwhile, iOS holds 35 percent of the Australian smartphone sector.

In terms of its availability in a range of handheld devices, it would appear that Android has a stronger presence in the lower end of the market,¬†whilst Apple has always had the “premium products” from its smartphones to tablets and even PCs. Budget smartphone models are more likely to end up being powered by Android.

A business must decide whether they want to limit themselves having an app in one platform only and missing out on the other.

Your Phone App, one of Melbourne’s fastest growing and affordable app development companies, doesn’t charge to have an app developed on each platform like many app development companies do. Their affordable business app prices cater to App development of IOS development, Android app development and HTML5 development which are very affordable for businesses to have an app developed on these platforms.

A business app can send Push Notifications to iPhone and Android users using the same Content Management Systems where their mobile app can also have loyalty reward programs, social media functions, food ordering function, mobile shopping cart and many other functions so their customers have access to all functions in both platforms.