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I get asked all the time as a Mobile App Development Company in Melbourne from my customers “How can I get my customers to download my app and also ways to get customers to keep on coming back to my business?”

There are many ways as a mobile app development company, that a business can get customers to download your business phone app and ways to get customers to keep on returning. Also, what functions to use in a business phone app is what I get asked constantly when visiting a business.

As I mention to all my customers, you need to be proactive with your phone app and not just let it sit in Apple iTunes and Google Play Android stores waiting for people to find you by chance to download it. As a business, as you have spent good money on a mobile phone app for your business, you need to inform your customers that you have one and by inputting QR codes around your store for them to download your app including your shop window there is a good chance you will get many people downloading your phone app.

Another big plus on having a mobile phone app is also having access to the analytics function in the state of the art content management system which Your Phone App has which allows the business to see how many users have downloaded a business’s mobile phone app and breaking it down to which platform the users have come from such as Apple iTunes or Android Google Play platforms. Further to this, the business is able to know how many users are perusing in each individual tab in the mobile phone app of a particular business such as the loyalty reward program tab, booking enquiry tab to the services tab and any other mobile app tab within the app. A business can therefore see which tabs within their own app are popular and which one’s aren’t popular. One might suggest that the business could either update or even remove a particular tab which isn’t perused much at all and increase the user experience with a more engaging tab within their app.

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Inform your staff to let all your customers know that you have an app and if they download your phone app, offer your customers an incentive to download your app such as maybe a 10% discount off the bill or a free drink if in a restaurant or cafe for the first time they download it. A dentist could offer a free dental clean or a clothing shop can also offer a small discount off the bill for first time down loaders of your app. Another way is putting the Apple and Android Google Play badges in your web site so when customers click on them, it will take them straight to your phone app to download in either Apple iTunes or Android Google Play stores. Even put the badges at the foot of your email signature. This is great brand recognition too.

Some useful ways to get customers coming back to your business is by using the many phone app features in your phone app such as Push Notifications and Loyalty Programs within your app. This is the reason your business wanted a phone app in the first place by staying ahead of your competition and a great way for getting repeat customers and new customers. Having a phone app Melbourne will do that.

Use the Push Notification function in our state of the art Content Management System to send your customers instant messages which appear directly on their smart phone’s home screen. This is a great way to broadcast any message you want to portray to your customers. I was walking the other day with my dog and all of a sudden a message appeared on my mobile phone screen from an app I have downloaded from a restaurant mentioning, ‘ Tuesday dinner special, buy one main meal and get the second main meal up to $20 at half price’. That night, my wife and I went and had dinner at that restaurant. If it wasn’t for the restaurant’s Push Notification we probably wouldn’t have gone to that particular restaurant.

You can see how one small message on your phone can draw instant attraction to that restaurant and gain customers. Sending a Push Notification only takes seconds to do and is so easy by going into the Content Management System of your mobile phone app Melbourne. It’s that easy.

Anyone who has your app downloaded in their mobile phone will get these sort of messages as long as they have enabled the Push Notifications function which gives you the option when you download the app for the very first time. Most people do accept to receive Push Notifications. Why? Because as my example above, if they don’t, they won’t receive amazing offers like I had and get a bargain.

With Push Notifications though, you need to get your timing right on when to send them to your customers. If you are a restaurant or cafe, make sure you send the Push Notification when people are thinking about going out for dinner that night. Put yourself in the customers shows and think how and when you would react to a particular message. So for example, you would send out a Push Notification around lunch time or mid morning rather than 8.30AM or 9.30PM or even the day before. The message has to be fresh in the customers mind. If you send the Push Notification the day before, it is unlikely that customer will remember. Timing is everything.

Sending a Push Notification doesn’t have to mention a special offer either, It could mention a store’s trading hours have changed, new opening and closing hours for the Christmas trading period, or a new menu or service for a particular business. Keeping your customers informed is very important because it shows you care about them and want them to know everything that is happening with your business.

You can even send a website link in your Push Notification so when they click on the link, it will take the user to that web site page. An example here could be a new service and/or pricing update a business has. Also, you can even schedule a Push Notification to be sent automatically at a later date and time. Schedule as many Push Notifications as you wish. As you can see, using the Push Notifications feature is a very powerful tool for any business wanting to send a direct message to their customers and it’s FREE.

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The loyalty function in a mobile phone app is another useful and powerful tool for a business to be proactive with this. Reward your customers for shopping with you and to make sure they keep on coming back. I mentioned in my previous blog that gone are the days of having loyalty punch cards in your wallet or purse. How many times have you forgot to bring with you your card loyalty stamp at a coffee shop? I have and it’s so annoying. How many times I have personally seen woman constantly scrimmaging through their purse or hand bag looking for their loyalty card only to find it’s not in there as they either left it in their other hand bag or a place they can’t remember.

Having a loyalty program in your own app eliminates this above example. Your loyalty card sits right in your phone. It can’t be lost or forgotten. There are even QR loyalty programs now where the business keeps the loyalty QR code behind the counter and the customer scans the code at time of purchase. WOW! QR coupons are the new stamp card. All your customers need is your app so instead of having a cardboard punch card with stamps on it. No need.

Your Phone App Melbourne, who are one of Australia’s fastest growing mobile app development company’s can develop your own phone app for your business having more than 45 mobile app functions available including the ability to send Push Notifications and have as many loyalty programs as you want. Ring them today on 1300 082 824. They are very affordable and offer excellent customer service. They specialise in developing mobile phone apps for small to medium businesses in Melbourne and other parts of Australia.

Some of the industries they specialise in include: Mobile phone apps for Restaurants and Cafes, hair dressers, yoga studios, schools and education, courses, health and beauty, real estate agencies, mortgage brokers and more.

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