Mobile App Development – Melbourne

Mobile App Development Melbourne & Design is becoming more and more popular in our everyday lives due to the ease of engagement between business and their customers. A mobile phone app can be engaging between the two as it gives a business an opportunity to send Push Notifications being in contact with their customers for free and with ease.

Push notifications are great way for informing customers about your business specials, promotions and, in general, interesting information about your business which appears directly on the customer’s smart phone.

Push Notifications have a 97% open rate as opposed to sending email, which has a 67% open rate. The customer has the ability to even read the message at a later time in case they missed it and it will also appear in their mobile phone app.

Another reason Mobile App Development is strongly being prioritised as important is the optional service aspect of loyalty programs in a phone app. Businesses with mobile apps give their customers reasons to come back to their business by rewarding their customers for doing so, hence the name, Loyalty Program.

It is pretty safe to assume that mobile app development is here to stay. Some of the facts can’t be denied. Currently at the time of writing, there are more than 89% of Australians owning a smart phone and more than one million smart phones around the world being activated every day.

It is quite evident that due to the ever increasing popularity of having a mobile phone, mobile phone app development & design producing quality phone apps for business would give businesses an increased connection to phone users who are constantly on the go, so obviously, it makes sense for a business to have a mobile phone app.

A recent survey conducted by AIMIA ( found from their recent survey that 32% of people who don’t own a smart phone, plan on purchasing a smart phone within the next 12 months and 60% own a tablet.

The survey also found, 34% of respondents do not have a land line. This evidence suggests that mobile app development is on an ever increasing rise and will be for some time yet to come.

There are many reasons why small to medium businesses are on the lookout for an affordable mobile app development company, such as Your Phone App, to put their business in the front of many new potential customers, thereby dramatically increasing the return of their existing customers due to the many phone app functions a mobile phone app has.

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