We have unlimited mobile app features and functions for your business to easily engage with new and existing customers, increase your sales and return visits and promote and strengthen your brand.

Push Notifications


Push Notifications are in-app messages to your customers' smart phones. They are the most effective way to reach out to your customers at a touch of a button. They are FREE to send and you can send as many as you like to your customers.

Push notifications have a 97% open-read rate compared to only 18% with email.

You can send FREE customised Push Notifications to your customers smart phones in seconds as well as to groups and individuals.

They are fantastic for promoting specials and offers, appointment reminders, updated business information, events, changes in bookings/menu & more. Very effective for encouraging repeat business and gain more sales.

Among our mobile app features, there are several types of push notifications you can choose which include:

  • Instant Messaging
  • Scheduled Messaging
  • Location-Based Target Messaging
  • Customer Groups
  • Individual Messaging to Customers

Instant Messaging
Instant message your app users which is a quick and easy option to send a one-off message instantly to them. Promote specials and offers in a heartbeat.

Scheduled Messaging
You can schedule Push Notifications to be sent at a later date and time. If you need to edit a scheduled message or the day or time, this can easily be done.

Location-Based Messaging
You can easily message your app users when they leave or enter a defined geographical area you set where they will receive a push notification on their device. This is perfect for businesses who are wanting to engage with their users when they are in a defined area. A perfect example is if a café has a special between 3-4pm on a given day where a customer can receive a muffin with a coffee purchase. As they are in a defined area you choose, it will only go to those users in that location.

Customer Groups
Your business can define your target your audience by sending messages to a group of customers. Your business can tailor specific messages to a group of customers or a defined audience you choose.

Chat Centre/Messaging individual Customer's
Your business can communicate directly with your individual app user's in your very own secure chat messaging centre. You can also send file attachments too. You could send a customised message to give a customer a birthday voucher or customise an offer just for them.

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