Mobile Loyalty Apps

Many reasons why small businesses turn to mobile loyalty app programs.

Loyalty reward programs have been around for many years, however loyalty programs in a mobile phone app is growing rapidly every day.

Mobile Loyalty Apps:

Here are reasons how loyalty reward programs are valuable for a small business.

  1. Increase customer loyalty and spend which boosts revenue
    Mobile loyalty reward programs give customers an incentive to return to the business and an extra reason why to make a purchase. Every time a customer makes a purchase or gives them a reward or contribute to a reward, this creates excitement for the customer. When a customer is close to earning a reward it is very hard for them to not come back to the business and spend just that little bit more and earn the reward. Mobile loyalty programs create excitement for the customer and reasons for them to return.
  2. Easy to administer and no need to print traditional loyalty punch cards
    Running a mobile loyalty apps program is very easy to set up and administer. There are no need for traditional punch cards as having a loyalty program in your phone eliminates this. In the Content Management System of the app, the business can easily set one up in a matter of minutes. The business can change it as needed through the CMS dashboard. A business can have a in built punch card type or a QR code program or a points system loyalty program. There are many loyalty options to choose from for a business to reward their customers.
  3. Improve customer satisfaction
    If your business is finding it hard to satisfy its customers, having a mobile loyalty apps program can improve customer satisfaction and increase customer return back to the business.
  4. Reduce churn and improve loyalty
    Having a mobile loyalty program in an app means the customer doesn’t have to sort through a stack of the punch cards which people tend to always lose or are shuffling tirelessly in their wallet or purse to find the businesses loyalty card stacked with a bunch of other ones they have. Give the business a reason to choose you by having a simple and rewarding mobile loyalty program. Give your customers a reason to keep on coming back and reduce the churn.
  5. Track customer activity
    A reward program in a mobile phone app allows the business to track each customer activity in a easy administrative way. A business can learn more about their customers and how often they return to your business. Track when a item is redeemed and the value of it. Mobile loyalty apps programs are a easy and great way to increase sales of the business and keeping your customers happy.