Mobile Phone App Mailing Lists

Has a business ever wanted to have information about their customers but don’t have time, or know how to store their customers information in a easy and free way?

Now they can.

Mobile Phone App Mailing Lists

Your Phone App has a state of the art mobile app feature called Mailing List where a businesses customers can fill in fields in the mailing list tab which stores their customers information from their name, email, birthday and more from which their customer fill in the fields.


This stores their information in our Content Management System where the business can download the information in a CSV file or link the mailing list tab to Mail Chimp, Emma, Icontact, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor and Get Response.

This is very powerful information for any business looking to store information about their customers and the ability to interact with them in a easy and free way. One example of how a business can use their customers information is send a customer a birthday gift voucher which can entice them to make a purchase or booking. A business will know when their customers birthday is as long as the customer filled in the birthday field in the mailing list tab.

My wife the other day received from her hair dresser a birthday gift card with a voucher in the mail and now she has made another hair appointment knowing she receives a discounted service.

Having a mailing List function inside your app allows you to store your customers information and analyse it and is a great tool for interacting with them so they come back to your business on a more regular basis.

Every business should have a mobile app with the mailing list function. There is no need to have at your shop counter a “Join Our Mailing List folder which a customer fills out and then the business has to manually type all the customers information into a data base which takes so much time and effort to do.

The Mailing List function does this for you in an easy and concise way.

Call Your Phone App today to find out how we can not only help increase your sales and get more sales from existing customers but also we will show you how to more effectively streamline your business in a very affordable way.