Mobile Phone Apps BIG Business In Australia

Australia is becoming more and more mobile every single day where people are using their smart phones to buy online and search for businesses more than ever before rather than a desk top computer at home or at work.

There are more than one million smart phones being purchased everyday around the world. Of that, 650,000 are Android smart phones.

Mobile phone apps are becoming an increasingly vital tool for businesses to have a mobile phone app where their customers can buy online, access loyalty programs so that they can be rewarded for shopping with you, access business information and receive Push Notifications at their finger tips. Essentially, a business fits in the pocket of their customers, creating a convenience for them to easily purchase from you on a more regular basis.

It’s a way for customers to connect with your business quickly and conveniently through their mobile phone, at the same time providing value to them through various app functions explained above.

The benefits to a business is immense cost savings leveraging your current web site by increased visits from your app customers.

Not only this, you are also maximising your social media investment such as Face Book, Twitter and Instagram as your customers can easily connect to all your social media pages via your business mobile phone app at a touch of a button. You will also have a email data base and lead generation of all your customers from the customised email forms Your Phone App develop your business which customers can fill out so they receive specials and other information about your business direct onto their mobile phones.

A business has the ability to send a Push Notification when ever they want to which has a 97% open rate. This is much higher than opening up an email. And above all, sending a Push Notification is FREE.

You also have GPS capabilities, various types of loyalty programs such a QR codes and an in-built punch card (like a coffee card, except in your own app and no need for a loyalty card so you can’t lose it), YouTube channel, Podcasts, and also voice recording capabilities.

Your Phone App can develop your own business a mobile phone app at a very affordable price with all these features and more. You will be pleasantly surprised. Oh, and our customer service is A Grade.