Mobile apps for real estate can undoubtedly help to increase your company’s production and efficiency. Use them to improve performance and engage with customers both current and potential, streamline procedures and even reward loyal customers. At Your Phone App we can unlock a whole new world of electronic wonder that will make your working life so much easier and help to improve your bottom line. We offer access to information 24 hours per day, seven days per week and 365 days per year. It won’t be long before our exciting range of business apps for real estate has become an integral part of your marketing program.

We have a team of real estate app developers that know what functions work and the best way to use them. You can provide current information on properties listed, owner history, council restrictions, property features and more. A real estate app can also display all your rental listings and inspections times, read neighbourhood reports, discover like property values as well as property sold prices and suburb highlights – all from your mobile device. Push notifications are fantastic for sending just listed properties to clients and for keeping them up to date with information instantly. Mortgage information can be available too- let your client know what they can borrow and the possible repayments before they fall in love with their dream home.

A real estate agency mobile app can also send push notifications based on subscription preferences according to user interests such as users interested in sales only or to users in the rental market, so only interest groups will only receive a notification and not bug the wrong ones.

It may sound unusual but loyalty programs for the real estate industry are an important means of keeping return clientele. Gone are the days when people bought a house and lived in it for their whole life. People are mobile, on the move for work and they also have investment properties at any age. People move to bigger homes, they downsize when their children move out, they change suburbs for the best schools etc. Make sure your customers return to you for all of their real estate needs with a mobile app loyalty program.

Mobile apps are an invaluable tool in marketing for real estate – they allow you to edit images, scan business cards, keep databases and contact customers with pricing and other information all from your handheld device. Letterbox drops are becoming old fashioned- ads on social media are fast becoming a great way to reach an audience. Appear on social media sites like Apple iTunes and Google Play Store and link your images to sites like Instagram. Update information instantly with real estate mobile apps. The moment is all important in real estate – let it pass you by because you are not up to speed with technology and you have missed an important business opportunity. Keep in touch with clients and the market with mobile apps.

Your Phone App has a number of mobile phone applications specifically tailored to the real estate industry that can help promote your brand and increase sales. Send newsletters to clients, blogs with hints and tips, general information as well as interesting articles pertaining to their needs. Keep in constant contact with your clients- keep your name and brand fresh in their minds so you are the logical choice for all of their real estate needs.

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