How a restaurant app can increase sales

Many restaurant owners may think having a restaurant app is not only expensive but also too time consuming where they don’t have time to manage a mobile app. In fact, this is the complete other way around. A restaurant having a mobile app in today’s market simply can’t afford not to have mobile app.

A mobile app for a restaurant can not only bring them in many more customers, but also the ability for their customers to order easily via a mobile app and the ease of engaging directly with their customers.

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More reasons why a restaurant needs a restaurant app:

  • Customer efficiency where they can quickly and easily order food and drinks via a restaurant mobile app.
  •  Restaurant can see the customer food order printed out in seconds once a order is completed and streamline their business in a more efficient manner.
  • Billing is very easy where a restaurant mobile app can calculate tips, less billing confusion and has numerous payment options.
  • Consumers tend to order more when purchasing via a mobile app.
  • A restaurant can easily engage with their customers via Push Notifications, promote specials, events, new dishes, trading hours, happy hours and more via a mobile app.
  • Have various types of loyalty programs in a restaurant app and can easily track how many of their customers are using the loyalty program and how many times they have visited them.
  • Customers can reserve a table via restaurant app which is an excellent convenience for them instead of phoning the restaurant.
  • Mobile analytics. Having a restaurant app have excellent analytical capabilities where they can see how many users have downloaded their app, what mobile app features their users are accessing, how many new and existing users are accessing their app and more.
  • More than 90% of the Australian population who own a mobile phone is a smart phone and is growing by the day.
  • More people access a smart phone to make a purchase than a web site.
  • There are more than 2 billion smart phones in the world today. By the year 2020, there will be approximately 6 billion smart phone connections around the world.
  • More and more people access their smart phones more than 11 times per day.
  • Social media can easily be accessible via a restaurant mobile app such as to a restaurant’s Facebook page, restaurant’s Twitter page and a restaurant’s Instagram page which is easily syncronised.

In conclusion, there are many benefits for a restaurant to have a mobile app. Statistics show more and more consumers are ordering online via a mobile phone than a web site due to it’s ease and efficiency. Restaurants have the power to easily control the content that is in their mobile app and can be updated in seconds.

Unlike a web site which is static, businesses who have a mobile app can easily engage with their customers.

To put it quite simply, a restaurant can’t afford not to have a mobile app. Your Phone App are one app development company who specialise in developing quality and affordable mobile apps for restaurants. Call them today on 1300 082 824 for a no obligation meeting or a quick chat on the phone to see how they can help your business increase your sales and efficiency.