Mobile apps for restaurants are a necessity if you want to attract and keep customers. We live in a modern world where events and activities are organised at the touch of a button and that now includes food. Customers are using their technology to make life easier by booking ahead, ordering food and keep on top of busy schedules by planning ahead. The savvy restaurant and cafe owner recognises this and provides a mobile app allowing customers to engage with their business easily and efficiently. Does this sound like your business? Have you kept ahead of the game with a mobile app? We are the experts in business apps for restaurants and can help you stay ahead in the highly competitive food industry with a technology plan custom designed for your business needs.

Our team of highly qualified restaurant app developers will help you build and maintain your customer base with functions such as push notifications, food ordering functions, booking reservations, loyalty reward programs and more. We can create and install many mobile app features that will provide easy access to your products and services for customers so it becomes second nature for them to select your business as their number one choice for dining. Apps are extremely popular and fast becoming an essential marketing tool. They are easy for customers to install and one of the most convenient methods for businesses to communicate specials, events and menu updates. You will also be surprised at how little it costs to bring your business into the new technological- focused era. Don’t get left behind- contact us today to speak to one of our expert staff about creating a plan for your business needs to develop your restaurant mobile app.

Loyalty programs are an excellent marketing tool for restaurants and cafes. With Your Phone App mobile apps for restaurants, we can help you reap the benefits of indentifying, rewarding and retaining customers with a customised loyalty program. Plastic loyalty cards are indeed cumbersome, a mobile loyalty app is more convenient and portable for customers- no extra space is required in bags or wallets. No problems with forgotten loyalty cards or coupons that need to be printed out either. Save money on print costs as Your Phone App have various types of loyalty program functions. Loyalty programs are an excellent method by which you can reward existing customers and attract new ones. You can reward customers for many different actions- making a booking, ordering the specials; referring a friend- the list is numerous. Once the benefits of being part of the loyalty program as well as the easy mobile phone convenience are explained to new customers it won’t be long before they are joining too.

The bottom line is at Your Phone App we believe our mobile phone applications can help your restaurant or cafe to increase profits. Mobile phones are a part of everyday life and we can help your business capture this market making it the first choice for customers when booking a table or ordering food. Don’t lose potential business to your competitors – let us help you improve your business today – we are the experts when it comes to mobile marketing for restaurants and cafes.

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