Should a new business get a phone app or a web site first?

I get asked from time to time from new business owners, ‘Should my new business get a phone app or a web site first?’ My normal response is it will depend on what industry your business is in or do you want your business to be mobile, or who is your target market or how are you going to interact or engage with your customers or how are you going to bring in new and repeat business?’

I will further ask the business whether or not they have done their research on the differences between a phone app and a web site and what are the benefits each can do for their business?’ I also suggest they that no business should rule out having a phone app as well as a web site as there are key advantages for both.

Do I speak with Melbourne app developers or Melbourne web site developers is also a question I get asked from time to time. If your business is planning on establishing a mobile presence with the need to easily engage with your customers, I highly recommend having a phone app first as you can easily interact with your customers. Therefore speaking with Melbourne app developers is my recommendation.

Both phone apps and mobile web sites are easily accessible on hand held mobile devices such as on iPhones and Android phones, iPads and other tablets.

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Phone apps are applications which can be downloaded in app stores such as Apple iTunes and Google Play stores which are downloaded on a smart phone on either an  iPhone or Android device. They are cloud based where a web site is web based.

There are many Melbourne app developers in the market as there are many Melbourne web developers to in the market to choose from. Being an app developer myself, I know the importance for a business to have a mobile app for their business and I have also written blogs about this in the past,

A web site for any business is important in terms of what a business does and information about what they offer such as the products or services, but unlike a phone app for a business, an app for a business can easily engage with its customers through Push Notifications, loyalty reward programs and essentially many other app functionalities for its customers to easy access the business in their customers smart phone.

If a business has a web site, customers have to find them on the internet and they need to reach out through a contact enquiry form or by phone. Businesses in many instances have to spend thousands of dollars on SEO and/or Google Adwords to appear high up in Google search results and once a business appears on page one in Google for the key words they need to rank for, the business still needs to spend thousands of dollars on these services to stay there otherwise their Google rankings can drop.

If your business is market driven, has the need to establish a mobile presence and wants the ease of interaction and engagement with your customers, I highly recommend your business having a phone app first and foremost if you need to choose between having a phone app or a web site.

Having an app for any business, Your Phone App who are leading Melbourne app developers can give your business guidance and expertise on what features are best suited to have in your phone app such as loyalty programs, mobile ordering, mailing lists and of course, the ever so popular, the ability to send push notifications to your customers.

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