Should my business only use a Melbourne app developer or also look off shore?

Being a Melbourne app developer, I occasionally get asked from a prospect; should my business only use a Melbourne app developer or also look off shore?

My answer is rather simple. It depends if the app developer your business has engaged with have the experience with a similar apps they have developed before such as a restaurant or cafe app or an educational app.

It also depends on what app development price you have been quoted as well as how comfortable you feel dealing with a off shore or a Melbourne app development company.

Some businesses can get their mobile app developed off shore due to a lower price and the relative quickness in getting it developed.

It also can mean the desired result isn’t achieved.

Your business must keep in mind that if you decide to choose an off shore app development company, there can be hidden costs involved such as changes to your app and the promptness to get changes done.

It can sometime cost you a lot more money using a off shore app development company as it can be a hit and miss.

They may or may not have the experience of a Melbourne app developer and communication can be an issue.

If, for example you choose to engage with a off shore app developer and English is their second language, the language barrier can be an issue as they may not understand what you need.

Often, things can go wrong and not delivering your desired result, which in the long will often cost you a lot more money.

If this is the case, you can end up spending thousands of extra dollars getting your mobile app fixed which can be common.

If your business is spending thousands of dollars getting a mobile app developed, one of the last things you want is your app developer not understanding what you require.

They may think they do, but in the long run you can spend thousands of dollars more getting is fixed.

It’s hard enough explaining what you want in your app in the first place with an app developer.

I am by no means informing you to not get your app developed off shore and go to a Melbourne app developer such as Your Phone App, but rather do your research and download examples of apps the app development company have developed for other businesses.

I recommend to get referrals and speak with some businesses your app development company have developed apps for.

The inability to meet an app development company offshore can also hinder your chances of having control over your app, especially when things can go wrong and you need them fixed in a timely manner.

You could meet with them such as a Melbourne App developer but it will be a lot more costly due to overseas travel, often putting a big hole in your budget.

If you hire a Melbourne app developer, it is easier to have more control because they are local, assuming your business is based in Melbourne and English is the number one language.

This can also gives you a little more trust as you know where they are and you can visit them if need to as they aren’t too far away.

One Melbourne app developer is a company called Your Phone App. They have developed hundreds of mobile apps for small businesses from learn to swim schools, to restaurants and cafes to health and beauty to education such as schools.

Your Phone App develop apps for small businesses to get results. The apps they develop are fully functional and affordable.

They can develop your business a mobile app to easily engage with your customers at the touch of a button, save you hours per week in admin work, help you gain more customers and ultimately INCREASE your bottom line.

Please remember though, when choosing between a Melbourne app developer or a off shore app developer, do your research.

Get referrals, speak with other similar-like businesses who have an app similar to the one you would like.

This can save you thousands of dollars in the long run and can save you a lot of headaches and running around.

If you don’t know where to start, speak with Your Phone App. They can get you started and help your business achieve its business goals.

They can be contacted on 1300 082 824. You can also visit their website at