Does my business need an app?

Businesses have got by for many years without an app and maybe thinking, Does my business need an app, can I afford one, how will I use it, and will it benefit my customers? Being an app developer, I continually get asked from potential customers ‘Does my business need an app? ‘The simple answer is ‘probably’.

The reason your business needs an app is the ability to easily engage with your customers and the possibility of increasing sales. Most businesses have a web site and a Facebook page but does the business use it and see if it is helping their business? Does a business know how many users visit their web site each day and what pages users are searching? Many small businesses probably don’t know. A web site it static and users have to find you to connect with your business.  Sure, a web site is fantastic of informing people what you do and can give them the option of making a booking enquiry or reservation or purchase from your site but an app allows your business to easily engage with your customers and informing users of new products, specials, updated trading hours, mobile shopping carts and much more.

If you are business that would like to send a push notification to your customers to a specific geographic location or for example, if you are a hair salon and want to send a notification just to your customers who are only men, well, this can be done.

So, could a business survive without an app? Probably. Would an app be worth it to your business if you want to engage with your customers, a high probability of increasing sales and staying ahead of your competition? Absolutely.

Statistics show that 80% of people use their mobile device to search the internet as opposed to only 20% using a PC. Are you reading this article in your mobile device? Most likely you are. 80% of internet users own a smartphoneaccount for 89% of mobile media time, with the other 11% spent on websites and 68% of companies have integrated mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy.

If you are a business who thinks they don’t need an app without at least doing some research on the potential it can do for your business and customers, you could be left behind from your competitors. My recommendation is to speak with an app developer such as Your Phone App to see how an app can benefit your customers and drive more people to your business. As an app developer, I recommend speaking with your customers to see if your customers would use your app if you had one after explaining some of the features it can have such as loyalty programs, reservations, make an enquiry, image cam and of course receiving important information on their mobile device such as specials and any new products.

There is an affordable app developer that can get your business online and mobile such as Your Phone App. Call them today on 1300 082 824 for a no obligation meeting.