The Rise of Mobile App Development

App development is becoming more popular by the day in Australia. More and more businesses are getting app development for their business due to the benefits a mobile app provides for them.

Having a business mobile phone app allows the business to engage with their customers very easily via Push Notifications. Other benefits include having a mailing list, being able to offer loyalty programs for their customers, making food ordering easy, offering mobile shopping cart and more. All in a little hand held device called a smart phone.

App development is becoming more common in Australia due the knowledge businesses see in having a mobile app developed for them. Mobile phone users are increasingly becoming more reliant on mobile apps due to their engagement with their brand.

Mobile phones get carried around in people’s pockets which means that having a mobile phone developed essentially means “your business fits inside someone’s pocket”.

It is predicted by 2017 mobile apps will be downloaded in excess of 268 billion times, which will generate more than $77 billion revenue. This will make mobile apps the most popular computing tools in the world.

It is also predicted that by 2017 every single person in the world will have downloaded 37 mobile apps.

This is a lot of mobile development going on and it is going to get even busier for app developers moving forward.

As you can see, mobile app development isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and you will see many more mobile application development.

Also one other positive aspect is that businesses are able to link all their social media pages in their mobile phone app such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Essentially, their social media pages are also accessible via their mobile app.

App development is catered towards businesses such as apps for restaurants and cafes, apps for hair dressers, apps for laser hair removal, apps for education, apps for theme parks, apps for real estate agents, apps for lawyers, apps for accountants, apps for mortgage brokers and more.

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