As we all know that just about everyone in Australia has a smart phone and we are all too familiar with what a mobile app is, it comes at no surprise that more and more businesses are getting a mobile app for their business to easily engage with their customers.

Hair salons are no exception as mobile apps are part of our everyday lives. This leads to why your hair salon should have a hair salon app. Having a hair salon app is huge benefit for your hair salon and for your customers. Why?

Having a hair salon app is a very useful tool your hair salons to easily engage with your customers such as sending push notifications to your customers by notifying them of any specials, new products and services you may have, notifying your customers of your latest price list and services and any other useful business information you may wish to share with them.

If your hair salon is quiet on a Wednesday with not too many bookings, one fantastic and free way to help fill your appointment book is sending a  geo-target push notification to your customers. The message will only be received by your customers on their mobile phone’s home screen who are in the vicinity of your hair salon. This is a fantastic way of boosting your sales revenue. Having of course an attractive offer is key. You need to give your customers a reason to take notice and then take action from your push notification.

Having a hair salon app can also have a booking reservation function where your customers can easily make a hair appointment directly via your hair salon app, thus avoiding the time to call your hair salon to make a phone appointment.

It also offers you a convenience where your hair salon can make it easily accessible for your customers to quickly make a hair appointment and check the availability within your hair salon app.

You can send customers appointment reminders via your mobile app. This will make sure they will not miss their hair appointment and your customers will appreciate you reminding them.

How many times have customers forgotten to attend their scheduled appointment? I would assume many have. Sending appointment reminders can easily eliminate this and the loss of revenue.

You also have the ability to have various types of mobile app loyalty programs within your hair salon app which gives your customers an incentive for them to keep on returning to your salon.

Having a loyalty program within your hair salon app will also increase your revenue. As there are so many hair salons in the market place today and growing, it is essential that your hair salon give its customers an incentive to keep them coming back.

Does your hair salon offer products for sale such as hair creams, hair gels, hair sprays, hair dryers, hair brushes, hair curlers, hair straighteners etc and want to sell them on-line?

You can sell your hair care products through your hair salon app by utilising our state of the art and easy to use merchandise function for your customers to purchase your hair care products. This will give your hair salon a huge opportunity to not only boost your revenue but also given your customers another avenue to purchase your products in a quick and easy way. These are just a few reasons why a hair salon needs should have a hair salon app.

A hair salon app have so many other useful benefits and features so call Your Phone App today to arrange a meeting with them and see how they can help your hair salon boost your revenue and give your customers a fantastic mobile app user experience. They are Melbourne’s leading and affordable mobile app developers for hair salons as well as day spas and beauty therapists.

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