Why your business needs to go mobile and how to do it

With more than 85% of Australians owning a smartphone which equates to more than 15 million Australians owning one plus an additional 12 million Australian’s owning a tablet too, it is quite evident that every business needs to build their business around being mobile. Australian’s spend more time on their mobile phones searching for news and information than on a computer. If your business does’t get mobile quickly, you are going to fall behind your competitors fairly quickly. Being mobile means your business need app developers to develop you a mobile app to get your business online and mobile.

Mobile Apps Are Readily Accessible and Always Within Reach of Consumers

Customers in Australia are spending more than 35 hours per month on their mobile phones which is a phenomenal statistic and evident that Australians are very reliant on their mobile phones. It also suggests that for most people in Australia, we cannot live without our mobile phones. This demonstrates why a business needs to have a mobile app.

Get Your Business a Mobile App

There are many app developers in Australia for businesses to choose from who can build your business a mobile app such as Your Phone App in Melbourne. Your Phone App are one of Melbourne’s leading business app developers who specialise in quality and affordable apapigee-mobile-shopping-surveyp development for businesses. They can develop your business a mobile shopping cart where your customers can purchase goods and services within your mobile app instantly and is very user friendly. This will create another marketing channel for your business and another avenue for your customers to purchase goods and services from you.

Some Popular Mobile App Features for Businesses

Your Phone App can also develop your business a mobile app with many other mobile features to choose from such as Push Notifications where your business can send your customers notifications which appear on their smart phone’s home screen. Examples of Push notifications are notifying your customers of any specials you have, new products and services, business information and much more. As mentioned in a previous blog post I have written, a business can also geo-target where they want their push notifications to go to such as in the Melbourne CBD and inner city suburbs within 5 kilometres. You can even send a push notification to send automatically at a particular time your business chooses.

Having a loyalty reward program in your mobile app is another fantastic way to give your customers a reason to keep on returning to your business such as offering them a 25% or 50% discount on their fifth visit or a free entree or drink at your restaurant or cafe on their 5th visit. Gone are the days of having loyalty cards sitting on your counter and then having to manually stamp your customers card.

I am sure you would realise many of your customers would forget it lose their loyalty card which can cause them frustration on having to start again with a new loyalty card.

A restaurant can easily become more mobile by having a mobile food ordering shopping cart for their customers to order food within their mobile app and even have a delivery service within it. If you come across app developers who don’t offer a mobile shopping and a mobile food ordering system within your phone app, I suggest find app developers who do because one of the most important features of a business becoming mobile is by having a mobile shopping cart or a food ordering system within your mobile app. Your Phone App are app developers who offer businesses both of these features.

Further Strengthen And Promote Your Brand

If your business decides to have a mobile app it will further strengthen and promote your brand and associating your business with Apple and Google. Your Phone App can develop your business a mobile app to appear in Apple iTunes and Google Play stores. Having your business associated with two world renowned brands will surely put your business at the forefront of your competitors.

We can even link your mobile app with your Instagram and Facebook accounts and also allow your mobile app users to share your app with their friends and family to further promote your business and gain many new customers.

I am not suggesting your business needs to give up all your other marketing initiatives, but simply having a mobile app is one of the best ways your business can promote your products or services to your customers and gain new ones. If your business isn’t so sure of any app developers to choose from or where to find them, one suggestion is to call Your Phone App today on 1300 082 824 or email them at info@yourphoneapp.com.au.

They are app developers in Melbourne who have a lot of experience in getting businesses online and mobile. Your Phone App are one of them.