How Real Estate Agents Can Benefit By Having a Mobile App

Is your real estate agency looking at ways to market your properties you have for sale or to rent to your prospective clients or looking at ways to engage with them? We have the answers right here. Having a mobile app for real estate agents is your answer.

Your Phone App are real estate app developers in Melbourne where they develop real estate agencies a quality and affordable mobile app.

Having a mobile app for real estate agents will help improve customer engagement from the many app functionalities available in a real estate agents mobile app such as push notifications and the ease of promoting all of your properties inspection times and auction times to your clients.

Promoting inspection times or auction times for your properties to your customers for sale or rent will vastly improve engagement with your customers with ease as it will display on their mobile phone all the details about the property including property images in mobile format.

Your Phone App are Melbourne’s preferred real estate app developers for real estate agents to promote their properties to their customers.You can reach out to your customers at the touch of a button. Real estate agents now have another medium by having a mobile app by promoting their properties inspection times and auction times. Do you find that many of your customers forget to turn up to a property inspection time or auction because they forgot or were not reminded? Having a mobile app can easily remind your customers of inspection times or auction times by sending out a push notifications in seconds reminding them.

Your Phone App are specialists in developing mobile apps for real estate agents through their state of the art real estate app functionality which displays all the real estate agents properties for sale or rent, details about the property, property images, inspection times and auction times and more.

As a real estate agency, do you find that some of your clients have trouble finding a property’s address and sometimes because of this they can miss out on an inspection time or auction? Well this is all about to change.

Having a mobile app for real estate agents will include a step by step navigational guide to the property so your customers can never get lost.

Another mobile app feature that is hugely popular with real estate agents is our easy to use loan calculator where clients can work out their borrowing capacity and calculate mortgage repayments.

These days, as the real estate industry is such a competitive market, there is no better way than promoting your properties for sale and rent via a mobile app. You can display all your properties in your customers pockets, readily accessible to them 247.

It is very simple to keep on adding in new properties that hit the market in a real estate mobile app and all our other mobile app functionalities too. You will have complete control of your app where you can easily update and edit your app in seconds and also get a complete analytics package too to see how many users have downloaded your app and what functionalities of the app they are going into.

You can also send push notifications to a particular area and readily alert your customers of inspection times, auction times and new properties that become available for sale or rent. The list goes on.

These are some of the many reasons why a real estate agents need a mobile app for their business. It can also easily help generate leads too by simply promoting properties to interested customers and making sure they will never miss an inspection or auction time again.

Call Your Phone App today, Melbourne’s leading real estate app developers  to arrange a meeting with them and see how they can develop your real estate agency a quality and affordable mobile app to easily engage with your customers. Call 1300 082 824 today! They are Melbourne’s leading real estate app developers.

There are numerous real estate app developers out in the market, but a real estate agency need to be mindful of if their app is able to be easily edited and updated. Your Phone App are a company that use a world class mobile app platform that does can easily achieve this.